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Divergence University, like the name suggests, is set up like a University course.  It is designed to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to trade Forex divergence strategies profitably.  But better still, it is presented in a way we learn best… individual lessons taught in a sequence that builds on itself with tests afterward to make sure we understand everything.

Some traders want to fully understand the Forex trading strategy and tactics they are going to use to participate in the Forex market.  They don’t want to use Forex signals and systems from other traders.  They want to completely MASTER the Forex trading strategy they are going to use.  To accomplish this, I think Divergence University by Vladimir Ribakov is an excellent option.

Why I Picked Divergence University

Here are the 3 top reasons I recommend Divergence University…

ONE: Vladimir Ribakov.  Vladimir has proven himself to be a professional trader and excellent teacher.  This combination is very hard to come by.  Even when you find a professional trader willing to share his hard earned knowledge with you, they often turn out to be lousy teachers.

Vladimir has a number of systems and services on the Internet.  But Divergence University is his best work yet.  After working with thousands of people wanting to learn Forex, he knows what they need to know… and how to deliver it.

TWO:  Proven Divergence Strategies.  Vladimir uses the very divergence strategies he teaches.  This is not theory or untested strategies being taught, but rather reliable trading methods with years of positive results.

As a matter of fact, Vladimir trades the very strategies he teach in-depth inside the university course.  He uses these strategies every day when running his signals service – Vladimir Forex Signals.  So, you are learning PROVEN strategies that are being used RIGHT NOW in the Forex market.

THREE:  The Divergence University Course Structure.  We spend most of our lives learning in a certain way.  We go to class, learn lessons and then are tested on what we should have learned to track our progress.  Since we learn best this way, theis is the best way to learn divergence trading as well.

Vladimir has split his knowledge up into various Modules and Lessons.  You go through the lessons, then are tested on what was taught.  You need to pass the lesson to move on to the next module.  This way of teaching ensures you actually LEARN what Vladimir is teaching and be able to apply the strategies under live market conditions.

The Divergence University Curriculum

There are 6 different training modules inside Divergence University.  Lets go over each module, and the lessons it contains.

Module 1: Forex For Beginners (This is an optional module to make sure beginners have the necessary foundation necessary to understand future lessons).

  • Lesson #1: Forex Basics: Market Structure
  • Lesson #2: Forex Basics: Order Types and Pips Calculations
  • Lesson #3: How To Use Metatrader
  • Lesson #4: Technical Analysis: Indicators, Candles & More
  • Lesson #5: Technical Analysis: Chart Patterns and Fibonacci

Module 2: Mastering Divergence Basics

  • Lesson #1: Pre-Divergence Tools We Need
  • Lesson #2: Welcome To Regular Divergence
  • Lesson #3: How To Trade Regular Divergence
  • Lesson #4: Continuing Divergence Basics
  • Lesson #5: How To Trade Continuing Divergence
  • Lesson #6: Practical Trade Examples: Regular and Continuing Divergence

Module 3: Mastering Hidden and Extreme Divergences

  • Lesson #1: Hidden Divergence Basics
  • Lesson #2: How To Trade Hidden Divergence
  • Lesson #3: Extreme Divergence Basics
  • Lesson #4: How To Trade Extreme Divergence
  • Lesson #5: Practical Trade Examples: Hidden and Extreme Divergences

Module 4: Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

  • Lesson #1: Bollinger Band Secrets (Duplication and Riding)
  • Lesson #2: Band-To-Band Move and Examples
  • Lesson #3: The Fibo Levels Confirmation
  • Lesson #4: The Secret Number 3
  • Lesson #5: Practical Trade Examples

Module 5: Investor Style Trading

  • Lesson #1: The Investor Style Concept
  • Lesson #2: Using Divergence & Other Tools
  • Lesson #3: Attack, Re-Enter and Target Levels
  • Lesson #4: Building An Investor Style Trading Plan
  • Lesson #5: Practical Trade Examples

Module 6: Build Yourself As A Pro Trader

  • Lesson #1: Money & Management Methods
  • Lesson #2: Identifying Your Trading Personality
  • Lesson #3: Understanding What Harms Your Trading
  • Lesson #4: Handling Losses & Profits – Sticking To Your System
  • Lesson #5: External Factors Affecting Trading Psychology
  • Lesson #6: Plan The Trade and Trade The Plan

As you can see, Vladimir leaves nothing out.  Once you finish the course, you will know and understand EVERYTHING Vladimir has learned from years of trading divergence and refining his techniques.  If you want to truly MASTER divergence Forex trading, this is the way to do it.

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