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ElectroFX by Theo Patsios

If you have not heard of ElectroFX by Theo Patsios, you are in for a treat.  He provides some of the best Forex information available on pure price action trading.  While there are advanced indicators and trading tools involved in following the ElectroFX methodology… it is primarily proven price actions strategies.

Let’s see if ElectroFX is right for you…

ElectroFX Overview

ElectroFX is like an onion.  It has various layers, most of them completely free.  As you go through the free layers, you gain the knowledge and experience necessary to progress.  Finally, once you are familiar with the trading strategy and methods taught and traded at ElectroFX, you can decided to get the VIP Membership.

We feel providing the trading information, training and tools in stages is brilliant.  It gives people a chance to learn and fully comprehend what Theo is doing.  This also provides a chance to gain confidence in Theo and his trading methods so interested people can make an informed decision about joining the VIP Membership.

Let’s go over the different “layers” of ElectroFX…

ElectroFX Free Forex Trading Basics
& Free Forex Trading Strategies

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ElectroFX Free Membership



As you can see, Theo Patsios provides a lot of excellent training absolutely free.  In our opinion, the training from the ElectroFX Basic and Free Membership is better than some paid courses out there.  It is well worth the time to go through the training step by step so you can fully understand how and why Theo trades as he does.

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ElectroFX VIP Membership

Once you’ve gone through all the free training provided at ElectroFX, you are in an excellent position to make an informed decision about whether you want to continue into the VIP Membership area.  The best way to see what is inside the ElectroFX VIP Membership is to take a video tour by Theo:

Let’s recap what you get:

  • ElectroFX Advanced Video Course (Including a Complete Trade Plan)
  • ElectroFX Custom Charting Software (Eliminate Market Noise)
  • ElectroFX Price Action Based Indicators (Easy To Read Charts)
  • ElectroFX Trade Manager (Free Up Time & Remove Emotion)
  • ElectroFX Live Trade Room (Various Session Per Trading Day)
  • …and more!

Who Is ElectroFX For?

We believe the Forex market provides one of the best wealth building opportunities for serious minded people.  The word to focus on is “serious”If you are a serious person looking to learn how to trade the Forex markets and grow wealth over time… ElectroFX is a great opportunity.

On the other hand, if you just want to dabble in Forex and gamble in the markets… this (or frankly anything else we recommend), is not for you.  There are plenty of low cost, low quality services out there promising you the world that don’t deliver to keep you entertained.

Is ElectroFX Worth It?

As we stated before, the free training and tools you get at ElectroFX is better than a lot of the paid courses out there.  And the VIP Membership builds upon all the free training to provide more training and tools to help you succeed.  Probably the most important part of the VIP Membership is the ONGOING contact you have with Theo Patsios and his Session Overviews.  (You can see exactly how he is looking at the markets, what currency pairs to trade and the setups to look for).

Here is an example of one of the Live Trade Room sessions:

We are firm believers that to master any trading methodology, you need ongoing contact with a mentor that is trading the same strategies they are teaching.  You can only learn so much from books and videos.  To really master any system, you need ongoing training and the ability to see EXACTLY what you mentor is doing.  This is why the Live Trade Room is so valuable.

So, in short, YES we believe ElectroFX is absolutely worth it.

What Others Are Saying About ElectroFX and Theo Patsios

OK, we give our highest recommendation to ElectroFX and think Theo Patsios is not only an excellent trader, but an excellent teacher as well.  But that is just our opinion.  Here is what some other students of ElectroFX have to say:

ElectroFX TestimonialsThe Best Way To Decide If ElectroFX Is Right For You

We have tried to provide information to help you realize ElectroFX is a real opportunity for serious people to learn how to trade Forex.  But the absolute best way to decide if ElectroFX is right for you is to experience it for yourselves.  Luckily, Theo Patsios has made it simple to gain experience with the free training he provides.

Do yourself a favor and give ElectroFX a serious look.  Go to the website and go through the Basic Training and Basic Strategies one by one.  This will give you a strong base.  Then join the Free Membership and go through ALL the training there.  (The free training is NOT optional or extra… it prepares you for what comes in the VIP Membership).

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Success Tips:

  • Don’t take the free training and strategies lightly.  They might be free, but they are very valuable.  Take the training as if you paid for it and really try to learn it.  Building a strong base makes it easier to succeed when you learn the more advanced strategies.
  • Once you get into the Free Membership, you’ll probably be VERY interested in upgrading to the VIP Membership.  But make sure you go through all the free membership training so you are prepared to hit the ground running once you join the VIP area.
  • Once you join the VIP Membership, develop a trade plan.  How are you going to use the training, tools and trade calls Theo provides.  Make the use of ElectorFX systematic and constant.  This is how you are going to master the trading and grow your accounts to potentially life changing sizes.