Most at home Forex traders don’t have any real contact with professional Forex traders or professional investors.  They don’t sit down at a dinner table with their Wall Street neighbor and discuss what is possible and what is not possible as a trader or investor.  As a result, most people end up basing their goals on something they read on the Internet… and that can be a real problem.

In our experience, the overwhelming majority of people who get involved in the Forex markets have unrealistic and unachievable goals.  Marketers tell people what they WANT to hear, instead of what they NEED to hear.  And everyone wants to hear they can make a fortune as an at home Forex trader with very little money, very little knowledge and very little experience.  They end up believing that starting from nothing, their goals of striking it rich are achievable in only a few short months.

SIDEBAR: Going hand in hand with this marketing message that Forex trading is the path to quick and easy riches is the message, “It is not your fault”.  Yes, the marketers tell the struggling Forex trader that it is not their fault… and there are forces at work behind the scenes keeping them from being successful.  (Of course, they then go on to tell them “they” have the answer)If you want to know what we think of this issue, listen to our latest podcast: Forex Failure? If might just be your fault!

The truth is, the Forex market is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  Starting out with goals that can never be reached is a sure way to set yourself up for failure.  But starting out with the correct goals and identifying the Forex market as probably the greatest investment opportunity available can literally change your life in the long run.

So, what are realistic goals for an at home Forex trader?

To answer this question, it is a good idea to look at other investment vehicles and their performance over the past years.  This will give you an idea of what is (and what is NOT) possible from your Forex investing efforts.  Or do you really think all the professional investors are doing things for reasonable gains when 2000% return on investment is possible in the Forex market in only a few months?

Let’s take a look at some statistics taken from for the past 15 years.  You can see the full page here: Annual Asset Class Returns

Annual Investment Returns

As you can see from this chart, the average annual percentage growth of these investment vehicles range between 1.24% to 12.68% a year.  Most professional investors would consider 8% to 10% growth a year very good and would be happy.  Now here is the big question… Is your Forex trading goals in line with these growth numbers?

We believe most at home Forex traders would scoff at these percentage gains.  A lot of traders are looking for a system that can make them 100% gains a MONTH.  This is a far cry from the above numbers.

It is this disconnect between what real, professional investors are actually doing and what aspiring at home traders are shooting for that is responsible for the failure of most at home Forex traders.  They continue to look for trading systems that can provide these types of gains, which leads to a never ending search.  They use risky money management and tactics to try to reach these lofty goals, and put their trading accounts at unnecessary risk.  And since what they seek is not in the realm of reality (when you talk about sustainable gains over the long term), they fail time and again.

The truth is, with the goals they set for themselves, success was NEVER an option.

So, problem number 1 is people are setting unrealistic, and therefore, unreachable goals for themselves as at home Forex traders.  But there is something else going on here…

At home Forex traders are chasing profits?

At home Forex traders are constantly chasing the markets to try to “maximize” their profits or find the “best” trading method for the current market conditions.  This leads to a situation where they are constantly switching systems, or currency pairs or both.  Instead of the result they want (more profits), they end up showing up late for the party most of the time (resulting in less profits).

Let’s return to the same article from and look at another chart:

Investment Returns

The point of this chart is to show the performance of various different investment methods over the last 15 years or so.  Investors who jump from one investment method to the next (trying to pick the best investment for the upcoming year), are rarely right.  And investment method that performed well one year… might be an under-performer the next.

So, what does all this mean for the at home Forex trader?  Here are some thoughts…

  • Instead of thinking in terms of “trading” think in terms of “investing”.  By taking an investment viewpoint you automatically concentrate on longer term goals that tend to be more reasonable.
  • Lower your expectations.  Thinking you are going to strike it rich in just a few months with a small investment and no knowledge, experience or skills is just not smart.
  • Stop trying to time the markets and constantly changing.  Instead of looking for the “best” trading system for the current markets and trying to “maximize” your profits, stick with a system with an edge through all market conditions.

Some of you might be disappointed after reading this article.  But here is something that might cheer you up…

It is very easy to OUTPERFORM all other investment methods
as an at home Forex trader!

OK, the bad news is you might not be driving the newest sports car to your new beach house with your supermodel boyfriend/girlfriend by the end of next month.  (You didn’t REALLY believe that was possible, did you?)  But that does not mean you should abandon the Forex market.

The truth is, it is very easy to OUTPERFORM other investment methods as an at home Forex trader.  We do it practically all the time.  And we do it in about 10 minutes a day!


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Most at home Forex traders don't have any real contact with professional Forex traders or professional investors.  They don't sit down at a dinner table with their Wall Street neighbor and discuss what is possible and what is not possible as a trader or investor.  As a result, most...