Dynamic Swing Trader Review

How To Make Swing Trading Simple, Fast
And Profitable

PLUS: Download The Free Forex Indicator – Dynamic Profit Detector

Dynamic Swing TraderThis Dynamic Swing Trader Review provides REAL information about the Dynamic Swing Trader system created by Netpicks. The goal is to provide you with important information that can help you make a an informed decision about this Swing trading system.

Swing Trading is an excellent way to profit from the Forex markets, especially for traders that do not have a lot of time to sit in front of the charts. Since trading is done primarily from the higher time frames, you don’t have to spend a lot of time watching to charts to spot, trade and manage high probability trade setups. And with the indicators you get with the Dynamic Swing Trading system, it is very simple to identify winning trade opportunities… and manage the trades profitably.

Who Is Dynamic Swing Trader For?

The Dynamic Swing Trader system is for any trader who wants to profit from the Forex markets, especially those traders that only want to spend a few minutes a day trading. Not everyone wants to sit in front of the charts experiencing the stress that comes with every up and down movement of the markets. And the great thing about using a swing trading system is you don’t have to. Excellent profits are possible swing trading just 10 minutes a day.

Dynamic Profit Detector – Free Forex Indicator Download

As part of the unveiling of Dynamic Swing Trader, the team at Netpicks are giving away one of the actual Forex indicators they use in the professional swing trading system. The indicator is called Dynamic Profit Detector.

Download Dynamic Profit Detector Here

The great thing about the Dynamic Profit Detector is this free Forex indicator can be used to improve just about any trading system on any time frame. Basically, this indicator tells you the overall directional BIAS on the higher time frames so you can place trades only in that direction. Professional traders have known for a long time that trading with the overall market bias can greatly improve your winning percentage and profits. Used with a good system, you can double or even triple your winnings just by using this pro trading trick.

Here is what the Dynamic Profit Detector looks like on the charts:

Dynamic Profit Detector BUY BIAS

Dynamic Profit Protector Indicator

Dynamic Profit Detector SELL BIAS

Dynamic Profit Protector

To see how this Free Forex indicator can help your present trading system, just download Dynamic Profit Detector and put it on your charts along with your system. How would your results be improved if you ONLY trade in the direction of the overall market bias?

Keep in mind, this indicator is not just some low quality Forex indicator. It is actually part of the full Dynamic Swing Trader system. The indicator can be used on Metatrader4, Tradestation and Ninja Trader.

3 Steps To Boost Forex Profits In 2015
(Free Forex Training Video)

You may or may not be glad to hear the the amount of people profiting in the Forex market is increasing. There are many more people making money from the currency markets now than just a few years ago. (You’ll be glad if you are one of the one’s making money, and unhappy if you are still not taking advantage of this wealth building opportunity).

One of the reasons this could be is the increase of serious traders using proven strategies, compared to the get-rich-quick crowd looking to become rich overnight. So if you want to be one of the serious traders that actually have winning accounts, this is your chance. You can start by watching this Free Forex Training Video that gives you the 3 steps you can take right now to boost your trading profits.

Dynamic Swing Trader Video 1Now if you need a good reason to watch this video, how about this…

  • +327% in 2014 using 1% per trader risk
  • +863% in 2014 using 2% per trader risk

And to make things even better, these results were done trading only about 10 minutes a day. You do not have to be chained to your computer to make these huge gains. And that is some excellent news!

Watch This Free Forex Training Video Now

How Dynamic Swing Trader Uses Market Structure For Dynamic Stop Loss Placement
(Free Forex Training Video)

If you’ve watched the first video you know there are 3 things you need to trade the markets accurately and profitably:

  1. Trade WITH The Long Term Trend – Eliminates Many Losses
  2. Align With The Short Term Trend – Boosts Winning Percentage
  3. Price Confirmation – Avoid Whipsaws & Fake Outs

This is the formula Dynamic Swing Trader uses to be wildly profitable. Now, in the second free training video, they go a little deeper into the system by showing how they use Market Structure to place the stop correctly. (This by the way is where they “dynamic” part comes in… as some stops will be smaller or larger depending on recent market movement).

Dynamic Swing Trader Video 2Watch Dynamic Swing Trader Video 2 Now

How Dynamic Swing Trader Can Help You Potentially Outperform Most Other Types Of Investment

Dynamic Swing Trader is a well thought out and logical trading system. This is not gambling. This is disciplined trading with a PLAN. And that is the only way to make consistent, and potentially life changing profits.

IN 2014, this trading system banked +327% if using 1% per trade, or +863% if using 2% per trade. Very impressive.

Dynamic Swing Trader Video 3Watch Dynamic Swing Trader Video 3 Now

Here is why we like this system:

  • Directional Trading – Only trade in the direction of the long term and intermediate trend when they are in alignment.
  • Enters On H4 Time Frame – Allows for more high probability trading opportunities with excellent profit potential
  • Only 10 Minutes A Day – Even though setups are on the H4 time frame, you can “get in synch” with the trade only looking at the charts a few times a day
  • Eliminates Risk – Since you can potentially be in trades for a few days, it is important to eliminate risk at some point by moving your stop to breakeven. The system shows you when and were to move your stops
  • Exact Targets – You know exactly where to take profit, and the risk:reward is excellent for each trade
  • Stops & Take Profits Are Dynamic – The size of your stop loss and take profit is determined by market structure, meaning it is not a one size fits all system. Market volatility is taken into account

Forex Profit Surge

This is a concept used by Netpicks with the Dynamic Swing Trader System that is the key to their success.  In short, it is about being positioned to make dramatic profits when the market produces big moves.  Watch this video to learn exactly what the Forex Profit Surge is… and how you can profit from the next Forex Profit Surge.

Forex Profit Surge

Watch The Forex Profit Surge Video

How To Get Started With Dynamic Swing Trader

The first thing you should do is download the free Forex indicator, Dynamic Profit Detector. Put this indicator on your charts so you can see and understand how trading with the overall market bias can improve your trading. Once you understand how this professional trading concept is important, you can see how it works with the rest of the indicators used in the Dynamic Swing Traders system.

Make sure you watch the video to learn the 3 steps you can take right now to boost your Forex trading profits in 2015. This just makes sense, and you should apply this to your trading as soon as possible.

Download Dynamic Profit Detector To Get Started


Watch The Forex Profit Surge Video

Make Sure To Register & Attend A Dynamic Swing Trader Webinar

The best way to learn about the full Dynamic Swing Trader system is to attend one of the informative webinars being held by the Netpicks team.  (You can register for one of these webinars on the same page you download the free indicator or watch the training videos).

Wednesday, August 26th @ 12pm EST (New York Time)/9am PT/4pm GMT

Wednesday, August 26th @ 6pm EST (New York Time)/3pm PT/10pm GMT


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Dynamic Swing Trader Review How To Make Swing Trading Simple, Fast And Profitable PLUS: Download The Free Forex Indicator - Dynamic Profit Detector This Dynamic Swing Trader Review provides REAL information about the Dynamic Swing Trader system created by Netpicks. The goal is to provide you with important information that can help you...