Strike Trader For Day Traders Produces Daily Account Growth For Aggressive Profits

Strike Trader Review

Casey Stubbs and Nathan over at Winner’s Edge Trading are making available a Forex day trading strategy on the 15 minute charts.  We fully trust this company and they don’t come out with training, tools, courses, software, etc. very often, but when they do, it is something you want to explore.  Strike Trader is no exception and what we have seen so far is impressive.

Keep reading this Forex Strike Trader Review to see what we have found out after contacting Casey and Nathan, and gaining access to the Strike Trader tool.  What we share here is based on REAL experience with the trading tool.  (If you would rather hear directly from the creators, watch this Strike Trader video).

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Casey Stubbs is giving everyone the chance to learn everything about Strike Trade in a tell-all webinar.  PLUS, he is unveiling his PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE in the webinar.  If you are looking for a day trading strategy that works, you need to attend this Strike Trader Webinar.  (Find out why Casey is so confident about this system he is offering this unique performance guarantee).

Strike Trader Webinar Times And Sign Up:

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Aug 23, Saturday 9pm ET


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Strike Trader Overview

Let’s start with a quick overview of Strike Trader so you can see if it is something you are interested in.

Forex Strike Trader

Forex Strike Trader

  • Tool For Day Traders
  • Works On 15 Minute Charts
  • Works In Any Trade Session
  • Has a 74% Win Rate

Forex Strike Trader is very simple to use.  An arrow shows up (with alerts if you want) when a trade is setting up.  When the trade is valid, a RED or GREEN candle will print on the charts.  At his point, you decide if you want to take the trade and the tool helps you decide the perfect stop loss and take profit levels.  Here is what it looks like on the charts:

Strike Trader Signal Candles

Strike Trader Signal Candles

Since Strike Trader works on the 15 minute time frame and 8 currency pairs, there are plenty of trading opportunities no matter what trading session you trade.  So if you are a day trader, this tool can help you take more money out of the markets.  If you have given up trading on the lower time frames because you found it too challenging, this tool might change your mind and make you want to take another look.

Why Is Strike Trader Necessary For Day Traders

In 2008, the market became flooded with retail traders looking to profit from the currency markets.  Obviously, they all were looking for a profitable strategy to trade, which led to MANY day trading strategies being available online.  But the problem became finding one that still works under the current market conditions.

The truth is, most of what you learn online or buy in a course is outdated and doomed to fail under the current market conditions.  Casey Stubbs and his team at Winner’s Edge Trading tested most of the day trading strategies that looked promising… only to be shocked at how few of them were any good.

As a result, they set out to develop a trading strategy based on the flaws of the other strategies.  Basically, they wanted to be able to WIN for the same reasons the other strategies were losing.  And that is exactly what they developed with Strike Trader.

So, if you ever tried to be a day trader and were unsuccessful, it was probably because the trading strategy you were using was doomed to fail in this market from the beginning.  The currency markets have changed… and what worked 10 years ago just is not performing that well today.  Strike Trader is designed to work in today’s trading environment by using what makes other systems fail to make their system work.

What Is Strike Trader Designed To Do

We all get into Forex because we want to make money.  And many systems, money management strategies and trading tricks have boasted to have found the answer to making large sums of money very fast.  Winner’s Edge Trading and Strike Trader want to keep it easy by looking to win a lot of trades.

Sounds simple, right?  Win more trades… make more money.  When you can get daily account growth and win a lot of trades, you can make a lot of money.  This is what Strike Trader helps you do.  Check out this chart:

Strike Trader Growth

Strike Trader Growth

As you can see, this is what is working NOW.  And it is working very well.

One of the things I like about Winner’s Edge Trading is they are realistic.  They keep what they say in the realm of reality and don’t overestimate what is possible.  And even then, the results are impressive.

Becoming a successful day trader is one of the fastest ways to build true wealth.  Here is what would happen if you can day trade and get results like Strike Trader produces for 5 years, starting with $10,000…

day trader profitsThose are some impressive results.  And you are not going to get this by getting a raise at work or using other trading methods that produce 15% a year.  This kind of growth is only possible with day trading.  (Even if you start with a lower account balance… this is still the best way to see aggressive growth in your account that leads to true wealth.

Strike Trader Dashboard And Results (video 2)

In the Strike Trader Video 2, Casey and Nathan go over the Strike Trader Dashboard and results of July for a typical pair, the best pair and the worst pair so you can see how the strategy works and what results are possible.  It is refreshing to get a chance to see exactly what the strategy is all about on real charts.  Plus, seeing the system in action means you can get an idea if this day trading method is right for you.

Here is a snapshot of the charts with the Strike Trader software attached:

Strike Trader DashboardThe strategy is simple.  When you get a signals candle you enter the market and place your stop and take profit using the zones.  This is important: Then you let the market do its thing and wait.  One of the reasons most other day trading strategies are losing is because the OBVIOUS places to place your stop are being taken out by the market.  Therefore, Strike Trader avoids the obvious places and give the market a little more room to move.  The result is you get stopped out less and win more trades.

Nathan goes the the charts for July and shows how a typical month on the EURNZD made +202 pips, a bad month on the USDJPY lost -87 pips and a good month on the EURUSD had no losses and made +270 pips.  July results, if you follow their lot sizing advice, would have made a 13% increase in your account.  (As you know, these kinds of percentages can lead to huge gains through compounding).

This is a very enlightening video, so I suggest you watch it yourself and draw your own conclusions.  I’m impressed by the fact they want to educate everyone so they can make an informed decision about the system, instead of trying to misguide you or leave out important information.  As a matter of fact, if you have any questions they encourage you to email them so they can answer them personally.  Very refreshing.

Watch Strike Trader Video 2

Strike Trader Webinar – Performance Guarantee

The best way to find out if Strike Trade is right for you is to attend a webinar hosted by the creators at Winner’s Edge Trading.  Get all your questions answered.  Start using Strike Trader with confidence from day 1.

Here is another reason to attend the webinar…

Casey Stubbs is going to present his PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE.  Casey is so confident in the Strike Trader system, and your ability to get similar, impressive results, he is going to back up the performance with a guarantee.  Only someone who knows the valuable system they are offering is going to back it up with a performance based guarantee like Casey is doing.

Sign Up For The Strike Trader Webinar Now

In conclusion, it you are a day trader or looking for a day trading strategy that works, you should check out Strike Trader by Casey Stubbs.  What is making other systems fail is exactly what will make this system win.  And that is a powerful trading edge.

Watch The Strike Trader Video Here