Forex Trendy is an excellent online application that shows you which currency pairs are trending and on what time frame PLUS pattern recognition software that recognizes Triangles, Flags, Pendents and Strong Trendlines.  This is not a system, but rather a powerful trading tool designed to help you trade more efficiently and more profitably.

Check out this video about Forex Trendy…

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 forex trendy

As the name suggests, Forex Trendy scans all the currency pairs and time frames and determines which currencies and time frames are trending and which are not.  You can get a very quick overview of all the currencies and time frames you want to follow, which can save you a lot of time.  There are also audible and email alerts to make things even easier.

Here is an example chart you see in the member’s area…

forex trendy trending charts

If you trade a trend following strategy, Forex Trendy is invaluable for showing you which currencies and time frames are the best to trade.  This can not only increase your win rate, but your profitability as well.  Even if you don’t have a trend following strategy, you can use this tool to find currency pairs to trade looking for price to continue in the trend direction.

chart patter recognition

Another part of the Forex Trendy toolbox is Auto Chart Pattern Recognition feature.  Trading pattern breakouts is a very popular and high probability strategy.  At a glance, you can see EMERGING patterns and patterns that have completed by having a breakout.

Here is an example of an emerging Flag pattern…

trend recognition

Here is an example of the list of completed patterns…

completed patterns

You can be alerted to when the patterns complete, wait for a pullback and then join the trade going in the breakout direction.

  • If you are already trading successfully, Forex Trend can help by identifying trending currency pairs and time frames or emerging or completed price patterns and improve your win rate and profits.
  • if you are not already trading successfully, Forex Trendy can be the tool that changes everything.  Just by trading with the trend or the price patterns you can become very profitable.

No matter how you look at it, Forex Trendy is a powerful tool for Forex traders.

Click Here To Learn More About Forex Trendy


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