Forex Triple B Combines Bollinger Bands And Divergence For A Highly Accurate, Highly Profitable Day Trading Strategy

Now You Can Day Trade Like A Pro Trader
And Get Professional Forex Trading Profits


Quick Overview Of Forex Triple B

The Forex Triple B strategy is a unique combination of professional trading strategy and advanced trading tools created by pro trader, Vladimir Ribakov.  Not only does the trading software identify powerful trading zones using the Bollinger Bands… but FILTERS these trade zones using higher time frame agreement, higher time frame divergence, trigger time frame divergence and risk to reward calculations.

This makes sure you get into the best trades possible with the highest probability of success.

  • Alerts Let You Know When To Look At Charts… Freeing Up Valuable Time!
  • Higher Time Frame Agreement & Divergence Filter Lets You Identify The Absolute Best Trade Setups… Giving You The Best Possibility Of Success!
  • “Semi-Automated” Trade Software Let’s You Analyze Aspects Of The Trade (Entry, Stop Loss, Target & RISK TO REWARD)… And Enter The Trade With The Click Of A Button!

Once again, Vladimir Ribakov takes a PROVEN, professional trading strategy and provides the training and tools necessary for the at-home trader to trade like a pro.

Who Is Forex Triple B For?

Forex Triple B is designed to be traded on the HOUR time frame.  Therefore, it is perfect for Day Traders. The strategy uses the Daily Time Frame to filter trades and only get into trades with the highest probability of success.

At-home traders will love the strategy and tools provided by Vladimir.  This is a very professional way of trading the Bollinger Bands and filtering trades for the best possible outcome.  But all of the hard work is done for you and it is is very easy to identify trading opportunities and filter trades for the best results.  

As far as day trading goes, it does not require a lot of time staring at charts… as you’ll be alerted to potential trade setups and can enter trades with the click of a button.

(More on this later).

Why Forex Triple B Is Better Than Other Bollinger Band Strategies

Bollinger Bands are a very popular Forex indicator for good reason.  They are a volatility indicator and often price bounces between the lower bands and upper bands, and vice versa.  This makes it a good indicator when looking for overbought and oversold areas.


The Bollinger Bands are not perfect.  Yes, a lot of times price bounces off the upper and lower bands.  But sometimes, price hits the bands and just keeps on going.

Check out the snapshots below…

In the above photo you can see how price bounces back and forth between the bands.  Easy money if you know where price is going to bounce.


In the above photo, here is an instance where price hits the band and just keeps going.  And not only does it keep going, but it is quite a BIG move.  Very frustrating if you were expecting a bounce, right?

So, that really is the frustration of trading the Bollinger Bands.  When do you decide to trade the bounce and when do you expect a runner?  

This is where the Forex Triple B excels.  Vladimir has added specific filters you can use to get in the best possible Bollinger Band trades with the highest probability of success.

Forex Triple B Filters

Forex Triple B Zone Indicator:  When price gets into a Trade Zone, you will get a visual representation on the chart. Basically, these Zones represent possible overbought and oversold areas which are a good place to start looking for a bounce trade.

But that does not mean you just jump into a trade.  The beauty of the Forex Triple B trading strategy is the ability to FILTER trades and only take the best trade setups.

Forex Triple B Daily Chart Indicator:  Remember, we are trying to filter out the trades that potentially could keep running on us, in the wrong direction.  One way to do this is to look to trade in the overall direction of the trend on the Daily time frame.  Instead of having to switch between time frames, you can see a snapshot of the daily time frame and determine the best direction to trade in.

Basically, the strongest trades to take are the ones where these is a strong trend on the Daily time frame AND price is in the Zone for a trade in that direction.

In the example photo to the left, you would only be looking for SELL trades on the Hour Time Frame.

But that is not all…

Forex Triple B Filter Panel:  Here are where things really get good.  This panel shows you 5 very important filters at a glance so you can pick the very best trades with the highest possibility of success.

Price Within Zone: Verifies price is within the trading zone of the Bollinger Bands (overbought or oversold)

Risk:Reward ok: To be a profitable, long term trader, you need to make more money on winning trades on average than you lose on losing trades on average.  You do this by sticking to trades that have a good risk to reward ratio, which is easy with this panel.

Daily Divergence Confirmed:  This means there is divergence on the Daily time frame that supports trading in the direction you are thinking of trading.  Very powerful.

No Opposite Divergence: This means there is no divergence on the Daily time frame going against your trade direction.  Also very important.

Current TF Divergence ok:  This means there is no divergence going against the trade direction on the Hour time frame.

Are you starting to see how powerful this is?

Not only are highly probable trade zones being identified, but you can use higher time frame and current time frame divergence to make sure you are not trading into a possible change in direction.  Plus, you can limit your trading to only the direction of the overall trend on the Daily time frame and only take trades with good risk to reward ratios.

That is how to enter a Bollinger Band bounce trade with confidence!

Forex Triple B “Semi-Automated” Trading

One of the great features of the Forex Triple B strategy is the ease of use.  Not only do the indicators and Filter Panel give you all the information you need AT A GLANCE to find the best possible trades… but placing the trades are very easy as well.

When there is a possible trade setup, you will get a pop-up alert for your confirmation.  You will be shown:

  • Entry
  • Stop Loss
  • Take Profit
  • Expected Risk (in pips)
  • Expected Reward (in pips)
  • Risk To Reward Ratio

If you like what you see and want to place the trade… all you have to do is click the “YES” button.  (The trade will be placed with your pre-programmed money management settings).

You’ll be alerted for a possible trade.  You check the filters and choose the best trades.  The trade is executed with the click of a button.

Nothing could be simpler!

Forex Triple B Backtest Results

Is using the Forex Triple B system and tools to take the best possible Bollinger Band trades profitable?  That really is what you want to know, right?  Here are some backtest results for popular currency pairs:






I think you are starting to get the idea.  And just think, these results were made with just the basic strategy.  They can be improved by using the FILTERS!

To See Full Back Test Results And More Pairs… Click Here

Is Forex Triple B Worth It?

Obviously I think so, or I would not have spent so much time with the strategy and providing this Forex Triple B Review.  Not only do I think this is a profitable way to trade.  I also believe the tools Vladimir provides makes it easy for at-home traders to start trading like professional traders… and getting the professional trading results they seek.

You see, it is one thing to LEARN a professional trading strategy.  It is quite another to be able to APPLY the strategy correctly under live market conditions when real money is on the line.  The Indicators and Filter Panel help you to start acting like a professional trader and pick only the strongest trade setups.  (This is very different from lazy at-home traders who want to click buttons without any thinking involved).

I believe this step is what helps at-home traders go from struggling novice trader to confident pro trader.  And to accomplish all this for a such a low price is really amazing.

The Best Way To Decide If Forex Triple B Is Right For You

Vladimir provides all the training and tools necessary to start trading the Forex Triple B in the shortest time possible. Those who take this seriously can start seeing profits rather quickly.

However, I must warn you…

You need to give yourself time to learn the nuances of the trading strategy (or any trading strategy for that matter). There are multiple filters and combinations of filters to take into consideration.  As you continue to trade the strategy, you will learn which trading conditions work better than others.  You’ll also learn which trading conditions do not work well and are to be avoided.

Nothing replaces YOUR experience trading the Forex Triple B strategy.

Therefore, I recommend getting the Forex Triple B and dedicating yourself to trading the strategy for a minimum of 30-60 trades.  During that time you will gain invaluable EXPERIENCE with the strategy and tools and be well on your way to mastering the strategy.  Don’t just place 1 or 2 random trades and think you know all there is to know.

Your input can make the Forex Triple B strategy even more profitable.

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