The Prodigy Program From Ross Mullins Offers Daily Trade Calls, World-Class Trading Software & Professional Level Trading Education!

Do you want to learn from a trader with 20, 30, 40 and EVEN 50 winning trades in a row?


Introduction To Ross Mullins Prodigy Program

Ross MullinsIf you are looking to learn from a REAL, profitable Forex trader... this is probably the best opportunity available today.  Ross Mullins is the real deal and can boost your profits by 500%.  He shares his safe and profitable trading method with you every day in a Live Trade Room, so you can learn how to trade Forex like a pro.

Imagine... you no longer have to face the Forex markets alone.  Now you can have a professional trader with a proven track record guiding the way!  This means better trading decisions, less stress and more profits!

Start looking at the charts through the eyes of a true professional.  Get the exact entry levels and targets of high probability trades.  Start doing what Ross Mullins does... and start getting the trading profits of a professional trader!

Here is a sampling of what you get:

  • Live Trade Room
  • Daily Trade Call Videos
  • Market Analysis
  • Advanced Trading Software
  • Ongoing, Professional Trading Education
  • ... And More Coming!

If you are SERIOUS about becoming a profitable Forex trader, The Prodigy Program is the way to MASTER a safe and profitable trading method.  And the best part is... you'll learn directly from Ross Mullins, who has correctly applied this trading technique for 20, 30, 40 and EVEN 50 winning trades in a row.  There is no substitute for learning from a REAL TRADER who is using the exact trading method he is teaching!

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The Prodigy Program Live Trade Room

The Live Trade Room is run in person by Ross Mullins, and is active Monday-Friday from 10 AM - 11:30 AM Eastern Time.  This makes the Trade Room perfect for Forex traders trading the New York Market.  What could be better than looking at the charts and getting trade calls from an experienced and proven profitable Forex trader?

But this is important...

Even if you are not available for the Live Trade Room, you can still benefit from the service.  The Trade Room is recorded and available in the Member's Area, and a lot of the levels and trade calls are still available to trade after the New York Session.  So, even if you cannot attend the Trade Room live... you still can profit from a lot of the trade calls produced by Ross!

Trade Call Video Archive

Getting this market analysis and important trade levels can greatly improve your trading decisions... even if you are not specifically looking for exact trade calls.  Just knowing the DIRECTION TO TRADE and important support and resistance levels to look for can make you a much better trader!

On the other hand, if you are looking for Entry Signals with specific Targets... you'll get plenty of those as well.  And the Daily Trade Setups are summarized and posted in the Member's Area for your convenience.

And if you are looking for a top quality, professional trading education... these Trade Room Archives are full of great trading wisdom.

Trade Calls Are Available Here


Free Access To World-Class Trading Software

The Market Analysis and Trade Calls you get directly from Ross Mullins as part of the Prodigy Program is all you need to become a profitable Forex trader.  If you want to actively trade the market and know what trade direction to trade in, entry levels and the best targets to exit your trades profitably, Ross's Daily videos and trading education is a BIG step in the right direction.

But you also get access to some great trading software that can be used as stand alone tools in your trading.  Most of the software has been sold separately as high ticket items.  This means each one was only previously available for $1000's each.  But you don't need to pay $2000 for each software package... you get FREE access as a member of the Prodigy Program.

As of the writing of this review, members get access to...

  • Trade Management EA: Great for setting up your trades so you can walk away from your computer, and still have your trades managed according to your trade plan.
  • Advanced Loss Recovery: This trade management software practically eliminates losses using advanced money management protocols.  Winning trades are traded according to your plan.  But using this software, losing trades are traded in a way where the worst that can happen is you end up with a breakeven trade, or even a small gain.
  • Oracle Trader: This software helps you trade the news like a pro.  News trading can happen very fast, and this software gives you the information and tools necessary to make the right decision when news events move the market.
  • Elemental Trader:  This is a combination of software and training that teaches you professional trading techniques, and gives you the tools to trade them perfectly.

As you can see, you get access to some great software that you can use to actively trade the markets.  These tools are great companions for the trading and trade calls you get from Ross.


Free Trade Calls

The best way to experience for yourself what The Prodigy Program and Ross Mullins can do for your trading is to give it a try.  Real experience is really what matters.


If you are SERIOUS about your Forex trading, and want to become a profitable trader, it will not take long to realize what an excellent opportunity this is!


My Thoughts On The Prodigy Program

A lot of people out there are looking for a "gimmick", "trick" or "secret" to becoming a profitable Forex trader.  But that is not a serious approach to the serious business of trading Forex.  And by not being serious, they usually get lousy results as a consequence.

The Prodigy Program is for serious people who what to learn a safe a profitable way of trading from a serious trader, Ross Mullins.  There is no better way to learn how to trade than to find a real, profitable Forex trader to teach you.  This is the opportunity you are given when you join The Prodigy Program.

I'm not going to say The Prodigy Program eliminates all effort on your part.  As with anything worth learning, you should be prepared to do your part.  But I am saying that great rewards come to those that take this service seriously and give themselves the time to understand how Ross trades, and what he teaches.

Stand on the shoulders of giants.  Look over the shoulder of a successful Forex trader.  And do it long enough... and you too will be trading the Forex markets like a pro and making professional size profits.