Tokyo Signals Are Profitable, End Of Day, Set & Forget Forex Signals That Can Be Traded In Less Than 5 Minutes A Day!

Set Trading Time & Trade Management Software
Make Profiting With These Signals A Snap!


Quick Overview Of Tokyo Signals

Tokyo Signals are "set and forget" style Forex signals that allow you to set up your trades in as little as 5 minutes and then walk away from your computer to enjoy your life.  Here is how it works:

  • Around 5 PM Eastern Time, you get the signals by EMAIL and SKYPE MESSAGE.
  • This is a STRADDLE style trading strategy, so you get both BUY & SELL orders for each currency pair.
  • You get signals for 5 currency pairs: EURUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPUSD and CADJPY.
  • The signals come with suggested Stop Loss and suggested Take Profit 1 and Take Profit 2 Levels.
  • You setup the trades using the Trade Management Software provided in a few minutes.
  • That's it... once the trades are setup, there is nothing more to do.

It is imperative for your success using a Forex signals service that you can trade the signals as instructed.  Having a set trading time is a big help as you only need to be available once a day to trade.  And the Trade Management EA means you can use advanced trade management like Trailing Stops without having to monitor your trades.

Tokyo Signals are a great option for traders who want to actively trade, but don't have a lot of time to sit in front of the charts.


What Is The Strategy Behind Tokyo Signals

Tokyo Signals are based on a STRADDLE STRATEGY.  This means you place 2 trades around 5 PM Eastern Time, one BUY trade and one SELL trade.  In essence, you "straddle" market price.  The strategy looks to profit from moves in the market... no matter which directions it decides to move.

The Trade Management EA you use to set up the trades allows you to use advanced trade management like trailing stops.  This means, if price moves in your direction you can reduce risk, eliminate risk and lock in profits.  And since the Trade Management EA takes care of all of this for you... you don't need to watch your charts all the time!

Straddle Trading with trailing stops can be a very profitable way of trading.  You can keep the stop loss tight, which means it is easy to see significant profits even off smaller moves.  Basically, this is a more active type of trading where most trades will be entered and exited within a 24 hour period.


Who Are Tokyo Signals For?

Tokyo Signals are for people who want to participate in the Forex market by placing trades from a proven trading strategy.  It is also for people who want to be active traders and place trades every trading day, instead of placing and holding trades for a long period of time(Swing / Trend  trading strategies can hold trades for days, weeks or even months).

Tokyo Signals are also for people who don't want to spend a lot of time in front of the charts.  Once you receive the trade signals by Email or Skype, setting up the signals with the Trade Management EA only takes a few minutes.  This means subscribers can trade these signals even with the busiest of schedules.


Are Tokyo Signals Worth It?

Tokyo Signals are low cost.  This is important because it means it does not take a lot of pips of profit to pay for the service.  It also means you do not need a lot of money to use these signals.  Even accounts on the smaller side should be able to pay for the service AND profit over the long run, even with realistic pip gains.

Since the signals are straddle style signals, there do not need to be large stop losses.  This means trades with decent moves can be very profitable even though they do not last very long.  Again, this helps to make profitability an excellent possibility, even with the low monthly fee.


The Best Way To Decide If Tokyo Signals Right For You

The only real way to see if Tokyo Signals are right for you is to try them out for yourself.  Again, this is a low cost service and there are no long commitments, so it is very easy to get up and running and try the signals for yourselves.  Once you sign up there is full training available so you know exactly how to trade the signals and use the Trade Management EA.

Giving Tokyo Signals a serious try will allow you to see if the trading time (5 PM Eastern Time) is convenient for you, prove how easy it is to use the Trade Management EA and give you insight into the potential of the signals.

If you do decide to give Tokyo Signals a try, please give it a SERIOUS try.  To gain real experience with the signals you need more than just a few days.  Some days will be better than others, and there will be losing or mediocre days along the way.  Give the signals a good sampling so you can learn how the trades are likely to perform over the LONG TERM before you make your final decision.