Ava Trade South Africa

Ava Trade is one of the top brokers in the world and is preferred by many traders worldwide. The platform is said to be fast, efficient and makes trading accessible. From indices to forex and even bonds, traders have access to an array of markets on the Ava Trade platform.

Ava Trade South Africa has more than 1250 instruments for you to trade making it accessible for you to trade many different asset classes, no matter what you like. The broker also offers a fixed, competitive spread that shines compared to the competition. The company is also focused on security and ensures that your funds remain safe from hackers and cybercriminals.

With 24/5 support in 11 languages and for deposits bigger than $1000 you get an account manager. This helps you to feel valued as a customer. Their support is readily available via phone, chat or email, whichever suits your preference.

Other Benefits of Ava Trade South Africa

Ava Trade South Africa focuses not only on providing a top quality platform, but also providing quality education to ensure their traders are well informed. Their ongoing support and focus on helping you improve your trading skills is why so many traders stick with Ava Trade in the long term. From eBooks to trading videos and even short courses; Ava Trade has all the educational material to allow you to grow as a trader.

Ava Trade South Africa also offers its users a demo account, allowing them to test out the platform with no risks. The new traders can try out new strategies, techniques and learn how the system works without any risk while using the demo account.

Another benefit of the Ava Trade platform is its demo trader. This demo account allows traders to try out the platform and trading before committing and making a deposit.

Minimum Deposit$100
Account Currency$/GBP
Trading SystemMT4, MT5 and in house options
Registered CountryEurope, Australia, Japan, British Virgin Islands and South Africa

What is a Forex?

Forex is short for “Foreign Exchange” and is the exchange of one country’s currency to another. For example, if you are located in the United States and want to buy some Euros, you would exchange US Dollars for Euros.

Brokerages offer the opportunity to trade Forex online, providing customers with a variety of tools, software, and services. They provide multiple currency pairs at different prices depending on your risk tolerance, which is determined based on your trading history.

What is a Forex Trader?

Forex is the global currency market. A forex trader buys and sells currencies to make a profit in the international currency market. They trade in pairs of currencies, such as the AUD/USD. A forex trader may also make a profit from narrowing spreads and dealing in large volumes of currency.

Forex traders use technical analysis and fundamental analysis to assess trends in order to make their predictions about when to buy or sell currencies with the aim of making a profit from them. Forex traders may also need to understand economic events around the world that could affect exchange rates, such as central bank decisions, interest rates and inflation.

3 Forex Trading Tips!

Understanding market correlations

Forex markets are affected in many ways. Currency markets form the basis for trade, economic relations, and financial service. There are also closely connected market correlations between FX and other related markets.
Because different economies are built on different strengths, these correlations will vary depending on which currency you choose to trade. As a result, the Canadian dollar (CAD), as well as the Australian dollar(AUD), are heavily affected by commodity prices in these nations. A large part of their GDP comes directly from mining and natural resources. Wall Street’s movements are also a factor in the US dollar’s vulnerability, as the index is responsible for huge revenue growth and revenue growth.

Making better trading decisions can be made easier by learning the market correlations of your chosen currency with other related markets. You should do as much research and study the impact of changes in other markets on your FX trading.

Day Trading

Due to the large volume of global Forex trades and their relative sensitivity, there are often shorter-term trading possibilities.

Day Trading strategies may be the best option for you if your goal is to capitalize on market volatility in the short-term, maybe for a few hours instead of weeks or even months.

Day traders are able to identify market trends and the prevailing sentiment and trade in that direction until they reach a support level or resistance. After reaching their profit target, or when their stop loss order is activated, they will close their position.

Day trading can be very time-consuming and can result in a lot of market volatility. You need to have a strong risk management strategy and plenty of time to respond to rapidly changing market events.

Making the most out of support and resistance

Understanding key support and resistance levels in the Forex market is one of the best strategies to trade the Forex markets. It is possible for traders to pause when currencies begin to move in stable increments, excluding major events.

What is resistance and support? And how can they benefit Forex trading?

A support level simply refers to the lowest price at which a currency is likely to halt or stop falling as demand or trading volume increases again. However, resistance levels are the price at which the market starts to suspect that a currency might be too expensive and could indicate a sell-off.

Support and resistance levels are important in Forex trading strategies for understanding market entry points and exit points.

There are a few tools that can help you pinpoint key support and resistance levels within your FX market. You can use our indicators, such as Bollinger bands, RSI, MACD and Bollinger Bands. Or, you can add your own indicators, or use our drawing tool to determine key market levels that you want to monitor.

A customisable Forex Watchlist can also be useful. It allows you to keep track of the price changes in FX pairs you are interested in and could have an impact upon your trading strategy. Continue reading. You trade on price movements in an underlying market.