Forex traders Cape Town

Forex traders Cape Town

Forex Traders are a lot more frequent in South Africa than many think. With some high quality training institutions and a developed financial system, South Africa is home to many forex traders. Many of these forex traders stay in the Mother City of Cape Town due to its great living standard.

Forex traders Cape Town can be hard to spot as traders blend in well. You may spot hem in fancy sports cars in Clifton or taking a drive through the Cape Winelands. One thing is certain forex traders are in Cape Town.

3 Successful traders in South Africa

Sandile Shezi

Sandile Shezi, a Forex trader, has a controversial and noteworthy success story. Sandile Shezi got his start investing his tuition money into the foreign exchange market.

Sandile Shezi is one of the most successful Forex traders in South Africa. He was living in a ghetto at the time and was attending school there when he decided to take a huge risk and invest all his money in Forex trading. Sandile Shezi made a solid profit after this investment and was eventually ranked among the top forex traders in South Africa.

Sandile Shezi is the founder of Global Forex Institute, where he teaches young entrepreneurs how to trade Forex and how to understand markets and tools. He also teaches how to develop powerful trading strategies and how they can become successful traders.

George Van Der Riet

George Van Der Riet’s success story is one of steady learning about the market, before making his first investment. George Van Der Riet was raised in Cape Town, and continued his education in Manchester, where he studied Finances. George Van Der Riet gained his financial experience in the UK through his many years of work in banks and the Forex industry.

Currently, George Van Der Riet and Sandile Shezi are leading the Global Forex Institute. They both want to help young South Africans gain more knowledge about financial markets.

Ref Wayne

Ref Wayne is South Africa’s most successful Forex trader. After growing up with a lack in career opportunities, Ref Wayne developed trading skills that he could use to start his own business. He was just 22 years old when this became his driving force and led him to trade a lot.

Ref Wayne is the creator of Pip Coin, the first South African cryptocurrency. He is also an entrepreneur who puts a lot into financial education for the South African people. Ref Wayne created the African Forex Institute, and provided free lessons in Forex for the community.

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