This is how professional soccer players spend their money

This is how professional soccer players spend their money

What are the top footballers spending their millions?

Football is the most loved sport in the world. Every English town has its football club. This attracts people of all ages. There is always a crowd at the pub on match day, and there are many sports betting markets. This is why it’s not surprising that the economic system created an entire industry around football. The industry’s coffers are full and the European football markets alone generates approximately 29.8 billion euros per year. The industry’s mainstay, football stars, is why it is natural that players also receive very high salaries.

It is always the salary of football players that is at the center of all debates. These salaries are often more than we imagine. A normal employee won’t ever earn the full salary of a well-respected football star for his entire career. Cristiano Ronaldo earns PS18.064.935 annually, making him the best-paid player. The Portuguese are closely followed by Gareth Bale at PS17.204.234, Lionel Messi at PS13.763.387, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic at PS12.903.176. However, the average British employee makes PS29,000. Wow!

This is their way of spending their money

British citizens have to save for years, or even borrow money to buy a car or realize their dreams of owning a house. These expenses are not an issue for professionals and don’t burden the bank account. This begs the question: How do you spend so much money you have at your disposal?

Villas, cars, luxury goods

Footballers are also a fan of homeownership. Contrary to popular belief they don’t live in luxury hotels and enjoy the benefits of owning their home. Neymar Junior has a home near the Palace of Versailles. David de Gea, however, owns a villa on Spanish soil.

The professionals don’t save money either. Manuel Neuer (German national goalkeeper) recently bought an Audi RS 6 Avant. It costs a staggering PS101 846. Mario Balotelli is no slut either. His Bentley cost him PS172,019.

Aside from their wealth, football players like to show it off in every day life. Their extravagant lifestyles are evident in the jewels they wear around their necks, the brand-name clothes on their bodies and the Patek Philippe Nautilus that hangs on their wrists.

Highly exaggerated expenditures

The star spending has no limits. Zlatan Abrahamovic said that a church in Stockholm is his property. He wants to make the building his home and then invest in his retirement plans. Didier Drogba tried to save his money by buying shares in a PS52,343,530 gold mine. Wayne Rooney and his spouse have a love for racehorses. They have given each another stallions with a value of PS103.187.

Why is professional football so successful?

First, and most importantly, high salaries are due the immense interest in football. Every year, the stadiums are sold out. Millions of fans cheer on from front of the TV. You can also purchase promotional items such as autograph cards, jerseys, balls and cups. These sales allow the clubs to pay the stars’ wages. Without the media hype surrounding the players such high revenues couldn’t be generated. That is why the professionals represent the club’s gold mine.

Many consider the salaries justified. Stars compete in international competitions and train many times a day. Due to the high workload, they are at risk of serious injury and have to retire by their mid-thirties. High salaries are a great way to have a happy life.